About me

Hi! I’m Loren

I’m an award-winning digital marketer and have worked in the online industry for over 20 years for household names such as AVON and Homebase, through to small businesses. In that time I’ve developed an expertise for web design, email marketing, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing and everything in between.

Creative thinking
I don’t think in straight lines. This often means I can come up with new ideas and approaches to designs and projects that you may not have thought of before – whether it’s stylish visuals or innovative solutions.

Plain talking
I’m not a complicated talker. This means that I communicate in plain english – no jargon. That makes me the perfect partner for working with small businesses and bloggers where their skills aren’t necessarily in the techy parts of the internet. I can take care of that for you which leaves you to concentrate on what you really want to be doing.